6 of My Wackiest Travel Photos

This past weekend I had a really awesome opportunity to meet up with and travel around Nassau with four other writers. It was a incredible chance to do research, learn, and network but it was also an opportunity for a bit of insecurity to creep in.You know when you're scrolling through Instagram and see all those incredible photos of women posed on the bright, blue beautiful beach? That was my weekend! I was watching in real time as it happened. These fun, smart, successful women (who I had an amazing time with!) were also taking these killer photos. Meanwhile, it felt like all of my photos had me looking like a goofball who didn't know what to do with her face. The other women on the trip would take a picture for me and they genuinely would think it was adorable and wonderful but I would internally start comparing it to their photos.I can imagine that for someone who wasn't even on the trip, it could be even worse. Social media is dangerous because it's easy to fall into a comparison trap that we set for ourselves. Today as I reflect back on the weekend and look at all these photos, I am realizing that while they might not be always the most attractive photos, I love my ridiculous photos because they are snapshots of my happiest travel moments. They express the genuine joy of my experience and remind me of some really goofy moments.In honor of this, I thought it would be fun to share with you six silly, wacky photos from my past travels. And if you have a wacky travel photo (or more), please tag me on Instagram so I can see them.

Strike a Pose

Commandeering a Chicago Water Taxi

What Am I Supposed To Do With My Face?

Swimsuit Modeling Fail

Nailed It!

London (Tower) Bridge is Falling Down...

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