Exploring Rome: An Interactive Map For Trip Planning

Let's talk about Rome! I've heard a lot of people say they thought it was overrated or that they didn't enjoy their time in Rome but I loved it. My theory is that most people don't give themselves enough time in Rome and only make time for the major tourist spots (which can be exhausting).

There are always tourist attractions that you have to see while traveling (i.e. the Colosseum and Roman Forum) but once they're knocked off the list, I suggest getting as far away from those spots as possible to eat, drink, and explore. Walking just a few blocks means the quality of the food dramatically increases and the prices drop. Also there are less crowds and you can hear yourself think again.

Whenever I am in the research stage of planning for a trip, I always create a Google Map by dropping pins for all of the things I read about and the suggestions my friends make. This way I can plan out each day's activities based on spots that are close to each other.

I always have way too much on my list so I schedule one most important spot for each day and then as I am walking around and exploring I occasionally take a look at the map to see if I am near any of the other pins on my map. This is especially handy with finding something to eat and making sure I don't end up in some crappy tourist spot just because I am hungry and not sure where to go.

The red pins on the map below are for all of my favorite Roman spots. If you click on them you will find a brief description, some tips from me for planning your visit, the address, and photos from my visit (for some of them).

If you have any questions or would like help planning your trip to Rome please leave a comment below or feel free to get in touch.

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