Do you find the idea of traveling alone intimidating? 

Maybe you've heard that solo travel can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering but the idea fills you with anxiety and questions.

Is it safe?

What if I don’t like being alone?

What if I don’t like myself?

How do I decide where to go?

Where should I stay?

What should I be aware of?

How can I make friends?

These are all common and valid concerns expressed by women who want to try traveling solo but they should not be the reason why you don't.

It's been nine years since I accidentally stumbled across solo travel (thank you friends for bailing on that trip to Charleston!). During that trip, at my worst, I was convinced I was going to get murdered and, at my best, I worried people were going to judge me for being by myself.

Not only did I not get murdered but I learned exploring on your own can be a lot of fun (because you get to do exactly what you want) and I also made new friends.

Since that weekend in Charleston, I've traveled solo to places like New York City, New Orleans, Boston, Bali, Sydney, Clearwater, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Iceland, and all over Italy. Through these experiences, I've learned to conquer the fear and self-doubt and discovered the many benefits of solo travel and all the ways it empowers us.

And now I help women, like you, conquer those same fears and doubts with my Solo Travel Support Program.

Solo Travel Support helps you get past your fears quickly and gets you started with planning your dream trip right away.  

My unique and practical approach walks your through unpacking your solo travel related fears and supports you during the travel planning process, even providing access to someone to check in with during your travels.

Let us know you’re interested in learning more here.